Monday, May 25, 2009


We made it through our first week of training! For the past week we've been holed up at a training facility about 45 minutes outside of the capital. The running joke has been that we're at summer camp. There are showers, three meals a day, and plenty of activities that keep us all busy (and tired). Not so bad if you ask me. ;-) The language training has been relatively successful...I can sort of greet people, and maybe introduce myself. ;-)

Tomorrow we're leaving for our first trip into the interior. Each of the new volunteers will be staying with a current volunteer at a site close to his/her future site. I'm very anxious to start getting out to see the country a little more. After we get back we'll begin our community based training and will be staying with a host family. For this next step, I'm extremely curious and excited!! This might be the most intimidating part for me; to go into a home, without speaking the language, and begin to live with them. I hope to do as much with them as they'll let me, which I've been told, will involve a fair amount of gardening! I've wanted to learn more about gardening for awhile now so I'll hopefully be an eager learner.

All the best, stay in touch! Waka bun! (Travel well)




  1. Ashlee - I am delighted you have a blog going. Keep writing in it when you get the chance. This adventure you are on will be amazing and life changing. Be in the "moment" as much as you can. Your postive and loving nature will draw people to you and earn their trust. I look forward with great interest to keeping up on your journey. All the Best. Love, Polly

  2. Hey Ashlee, Glad to hear you're off to a good start. Kathleen will be thrilled to hear you're going to learn about gardening. It's probably pretty old school, just the way she likes it. Take care. Ed

  3. Thanks for the 411, when is the next update coming? Hope you are having fun with your host family!